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Let’s Talk Wedding Budget with Finishing Touch Weddings and Events


The question is popped, the ring is on, and now you must begin planning your wedding budget! Figuring out your wedding budget is no easy task, which is why Finishing Touch Weddings and Events is here to talk all about budgets! If you haven’t learned by now, weddings can be pricey and most likely the most significant event you will ever host. Finishing Touch Weddings and Events is here to explain the different levels of services and the costs involved to help build realistic budgets. After all, no one wants to be disappointed on their wedding day. Finishing Touch Weddings and Events will bring your vision to life with their planning expertise and wedding budget planning. Don’t miss all of Finishing Touch Weddings and Event’s budget tips and tricks below.


What wedding planning services do you offer?

We have three main packages, but we can create bespoke solutions to fit the couple’s needs, too.

Wedding Day Management

Our entry package is wedding day management. With this, we begin working with the couple starting two months before their big day.

Partial Planning

Our partial planning package is quickly becoming our most popular! It is perfect for the couple that wants to plan the event themselves but needs assistance with a few vendors whom they don’t feel confident tackling themselves.

Full Planning

Our top-tier package is full planning. We begin working together immediately, finding the perfect venue, assisting with the design and feel of the day and booking all of the vendors. All of our packages include wedding day coordination.


Let’s Talk Budget

What does your budget management look like?

With our full planning package, we start with a planning meeting that includes creating a realistic budget. When planning and booking vendors, the client is advised based on the allotted budget for that specific vendor and the overall event budget. We keep a record of the vendors booked, keep the client up to date on the remaining budget available and inform them on how any vendor cost changes and where we can recoup if necessary.

What factors do you consider when allocating the wedding budget?

It is very important for our clients to understand the cost of services, and we advise them realistically. After all, who wants to be disappointed on their wedding day? Education on the differences between services and the costs involved helps us build a realistic budget. We spend time talking through the elements of the wedding that are most important to them to ensure that these are prioritized with the budget but fit with their needs, style and vibe.


Speaking of Details…

What questions do you typically ask the couple during your initial planning meetings?

We love to get to know our clients! Understanding them as a couple often helps us focus on the important parts of the wedding to each partner. These discussions help us prioritize where the budget should be spent and what items we should focus on getting booked first. We love utilizing Pinterest! One of the first questions we ask is, will you share your Pinterest board with us? Everyone describes things differently, but a picture can paint a thousand words and allows us to build the couple’s vision.

What additional fees might the couple not expect?

Finishing Touch Weddings and Events is proud to be very transparent on costs, and we include all of our fees in our booking. We sometimes have to add a travel fee, but we don’t charge for additional assistants. With other vendors, the most overlooked fees are travel fees, service fees for caterers, gratuities and even sales tax.

What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

While we offer both services, they are very different. When we are involved from very early on in your wedding journey, as a planner, we are there to source vendors, help create the look and feel of your wedding and bring your vision to life. With coordination, we rely on the client to have booked all of their vendors before we take over at the end and pull everything together. We then manage your day and make sure that everything runs smoothly!

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