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How to Elevate your Reception with Love Birds & Co.

After finding your perfect venue, securing the date, and saying yes to the dress, it’s time to find ways to elevate your reception to give it a unique and personal feel. This task might seem daunting, but Love Birds & Co. is here to share their expert advice and favorite ways to elevate any reception space. From including multiple areas of soft seating, lighting, mixing textures, and of course, florals – the opportunities are endless! Love Birds & Co is here to let us know what design elements couple’s should make a priority and how to incorporate a personalized feel to any design. You don’t want to miss all tips and tricks below. Keep reading!

      Elevate your Reception

Describe this reception scene.

Lucy and Travis were such a fun couple! Their families have a deep connection to the American West, and we wanted to bring the look and feel of the Tetons to Texas. Big Sky Barn is aptly named, and the rugged reception space was the perfect backdrop for layering luxurious materials like taupe velvet, leather, and french linen, as well as the Mother of the Bride’s vintage pewter collection. Master floral designer Lauren Garza with Flora and Fauna created the layered botanical design with an unexpected mixture of neutral blooms, ornamental cabbage, artichokes, and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Her team also skillfully tucked a collection of terrariums, antlers, and vintage terracotta containers into the design so that no two guests experienced the same view of the decor.

      Elevate your Reception

What are your biggest design suggestions to elevate a reception space?

Personally, I feel like the most effective way to elevate an event instantly is to include multiple areas of soft seating and residential-style lighting into the space plan. I love bringing in timeless elements like linen Louis chairs and velvet banquettes to create intimate seating areas. The softness gives each space a welcoming feel, and strategically placed vignettes encourage lounging and conversation. You can also never underestimate the power of a dining chair to transform a room! In addition, I am also a huge fan of mixing textures and patterns. For Lucy and Travis’ event, we mixed camel velvet with a gorgeous southwestern style print in shades of copper, mustard, and clay. It was a showstopper!

      Elevate your Reception

What are the top vignettes couples need to consider when planning the reception design?

When designing vignettes, I start by concentrating on soft seating and over-the-top florals close to the dance floor. I treat each vignette like an image in a magazine and like to ensure there are at least three additional impressive moments in the room — generally the cake, the lounge, and the seating chart. I’m also a huge fan of square tables flanked with banquettes, smaller wooden or metal tables paired with upholstered chairs, and patterned and personalized dance floors.

      Elevate your Reception

What are the best ways for couples to incorporate florals for an impactful design?

Flowers! Flowers are SO integral to creating a show-stopping and memorable design. You can’t overestimate the value they bring – especially in the hands of a great floral artist. Giving floral designers the creative freedom to move forward with an overall feel rather than restricting them to narrow design parameters allows them to do what they do best — paint with flowers. It’s always amazing to see what an interesting floral palette can become in the hands of a creative. I am a sucker for a vibrant palette and love how flowers can really transform a space.

      Elevate your Reception

What designed elements should a couple make a priority?

Event design is incredibly personal. We strive to create events that accurately represent the couples we serve and their blended families. Whether incorporating their favorite colors, their pets, or their favorite places, we want to make sure that their guests feel connected to the couple through the designed spaces we create. After the venue is chosen, floral design and color palette will always be at the top of my list. Do we want to create an atmosphere that is dark and moody or bright, airy, and classic? Do they love the outdoors or prefer to create a space reminiscent of their favorite Parisian steakhouse? Whether through bold color and Avant-guard design or timeless, layered neutrals, we want every client to walk away from their event feeling like it was an accurate representation of who they are as individuals and who they will be as a couple.

      Elevate your Reception

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