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Host a Lively Event with the Best Wedding Bands and DJs in Houston

Looking for that little extra something that will set your wedding celebration apart from the rest? Host the most lively and entertaining event possible with help from some of the very best wedding bands and DJs right here in Houston! There is something so intangibly moving and personal about music that speaks to your one-of-a-kind romance and these professionals know just how to tailor the evening to your specific tastes! Follow along as we talk about fine-tuning your wedding entertainment beyond the bounds of tradition.


Entertainment: Royal Dukes Band // Photo: Nikk Nguyen Photo


How to Set a Wedding Day Mood

Know your wedding theme and how you want to make your guests feel throughout the event. The emotion that you want to invoke can be totally implemented by music, so you can get that jaw-dropping aisle moment you’ve always dreamed of, capture a tear-jerking first dance, or keep your partygoers on the dance floor all night long. Set out goals for your wedding day mood and your Houston entertainment vendor will help create the vibe in real life.


What to Know Before Hiring Entertainment

Every type of entertainment vendor has a specific style that they are known for or are best at curating. Be sure to determine what this style is beforehand so it will mesh well with the tone you want to set and the guests you will be entertaining! If your crowd is much older or rooted in tradition, you may want to opt for a live band rather than a DJ. But if remixes or newer, trending music are more your speed, a DJ would likely allow for the flexibility and modernity you’re looking for!


Wedding Bands in Houston

A live band gives you a one-of-a-kind, romantic and personal feel for your ceremony. For the reception, it’s like your own private concert and epic dance party with your friends and family! Royal Dukes Band is the ultimate live wedding band of Texas, guaranteed to show your guests a jumping time with their customizable 3-14 piece band specializing in high-energy music. They even host live showcases, so couples can preview the band before booking!


Wedding DJs in Houston

Great DJs curate music that sets the tone for your event, whether it’s smooth jazz for cocktail hour or high energy beats to get your guests on the dance floor. The expert team at DarKer Side DJs & Photo Booths work with you to plan the wedding of your dreams set to a soundtrack that perfectly reflects it. Pick tunes to play during all the right moments, like processional and recessional playlists, cake-cutting songs, and of course, that special last dance after everyone has lined up for your grand exit.


Hiring a Wedding Band vs. DJ

One of the main differences in hiring a wedding band versus a wedding DJ (besides their services) is the price difference. A DJ is typically a one-person show, making it much more affordable. A live band is comprised of multiple members who each get a cut at the end of the night, and rightfully so for performing their hearts out! Also, live bands can put their own spin on a song while DJs are there to play the tried-and-true original version. You can usually work with your wedding DJ to customize the entire evening’s playlist, while a live band may have a list of songs for you to choose from. If you’re searching for the best of both worlds, Elevated AV Production provides quality entertainment from skilled DJs to talented musicians. No matter what direction you decide to go with your Houston wedding entertainment, these local pros have you covered!

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