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What to Look for in a Wedding DJ or Band

You’ve said yes, picked a venue and set a date, now it’s time to set the tone for your reception. Yes, that’s right…it is time to pick an entertainer! This step of your planning process might not seem like a time-sensitive one, but the wedding entertainer you choose is responsible for if your dance floor is packed all night or only houses a few slow dances here and there. But don’t let your mind go there, because by considering these few things, you’ll find the perfect entertainer to get your party started. Read on to find out what all to look for in a Houston Wedding DJ or Band!


What to Look for in a Wedding DJ or Band

Entertainer: Royal Dukes Band | Photo: Brooke Taelor


Reception Vibe

First and foremost, you need to identify the ongoing vibe that you want during your reception. Making sure that the entertainer you hired matches the desired ambiance is crucial. Determining the vibe of the night will help you narrow down which entertainment option is right for you. If you are wanting a classy black tie event with a traditional music choice, a live or even brass band might be something worth looking into. If you are chasing a lively night with a wide variety of music, a DJ might be more suited for what you are looking for.


Recommendations and Showcases

It is always a good idea to get recommendations from friends and family when it comes to selecting any wedding vendors, especially entertainers. By asking for guidance from others, you are getting a starting point for your search. Once you have a list to go off of, you can start your research and see if there are any weddings or other events where the potential entertainment hires will be performing. If you come across an upcoming show by the high-energy wedding and events entertainers Royal Dukes Band, this will allow you to see them in the action and get a gauge for their entertaining capabilities.


Music Repertoire

Have particular taste in music? You might benefit from requesting a music repertoire from the entertainers that you are considering. A music repertoire is a list of music the wedding entertainer has performed or knows very well. This will give you and your fiancé an idea of what the entertainer is capable of bringing to your wedding reception and make it easy to discover if they can mesh with your musical taste. You don’t want to make a commitment to an entertainer only to find out they are not familiar with your musical preferences.


“Must Play” and “Do Not Play” Lists

Some entertainers will require these lists and some don’t, but laying out guidelines early while looking for a wedding band or DJ is extremely important to make sure you are all in agreement on what songs you are wanting to be played. The “Do Not Play” list of songs will include any songs that you and your spouse do not want airing during your reception at any point, even if requested by a persistent guest. These are easier to construct and can be done between you and your fiancé. The “Must Play” lists are tailored to give the entertainer insight into your style as well as favorite songs and artists – this helps inspire the local pros such as Elevated AV Production and DarKer Side DJs and Photo Booths while building your reception’s entire set. There are a handful of ways to put this type of list together, including hosting playlist-making parties with friends and family or even sending out online forms linked to your save the dates for people to type in their song suggestions. The submissions then give you and your fiancé options to work with while curating your personalized lists before handing them over. 


Emcee Abilities

There is so much more to an entertainer than just their musical abilities. Their passion and personality are what sets the tone for your entire day and are things that should not be overlooked. Do they engage with their audience? Do they have a similar sense of humor to yours? Make sure to access their emcee abilities while interacting with them to see if it meets your expectations. Your hire should be ready to adapt to any vibe from the crowd and set the tone for a reception with a full dance floor all night long. 


J&A Entertainment

With personalized DJ and emcee services, J&A Entertainment specializes in ensuring that every big day is stress-free and filled with fun. Dedicated to creating memorable celebrations, they customize their services to perfectly suit each unique wedding. From selecting the ideal entertainer to offering six distinct styles of photo booths and a plethora of other rentals, they have everything covered. With J&A Entertainment, couples can relax and fully enjoy their special day, knowing that every detail is expertly taken care of.


CoHost Entertainment

At CoHost Entertainment, crafting amazing dance parties and orchestrating elegant nights filled with seamless moments is their top priority. With a dedicated team of DJs and vendors, they specialize in ensuring that every wedding is a unique reflection of the couple’s musical preferences and vision. Their process is fully customizable, allowing couples to tailor every aspect to their liking and ensure that their dreams are fulfilled. With CoHost Entertainment, couples can trust in their expertise to create unforgettable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime on their special day.

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