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Vogue Vignette — Sketching Spirit and Style

If you’re looking for a fun and unique experiential event for your wedding day, Vogue Vignette (VV) is calling your name. Perfect for the bride who loves fashion, VV is made up of a team of artists who will sketch live portraits of your guests in a high fashion style.

Read on to learn more about Vogue Vignette and all they have to offer on your special day!

Photo: Bonnie Burke Weddings


Vogue Vignette’s Beginnings

Texas-based artist and illustration instructor Stephanie Jimenez Schiller founded Vogue Vignette in 2017. She started in Austin as a one-woman team, and since then has received praise from various publications. In just a few, short years, she’s worked with clients like Gucci, Fendi, Kendra Scott, Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus and many more!

Since her small and simple beginnings, Stephanie has fleshed out her business with the addition of multiple talented artists. As they continue to grow, Vogue Vignette is committed to their mission of capturing spirit and style through high fashion sketches. 

Photo: Paige Newton Photography


Say Thank You with Style

Whether your wedding is modern, rustic, minimalist or timeless, Vogue Vignette is sure to add style! After a bit of posing, guests can watch VV’s professional artists sketch in real time, receiving a portrait of themselves in a high fashion style. These portraits are chic, fun and stylish, and they will last long after your wedding is over! 

In addition to being frame-worthy art pieces, Vogue Vignette sketches are a wonderful way to say thank you — especially if your guests have come a long way to celebrate with you. They’ll have fun during the process and get to leave with a physical keepsake for years to come!

No matter where your wedding is located, VV wants to attend! Though based in Austin, Stephanie and her team are willing to travel to your wedding destination. From Alaska to the Bahamas to the heart of Texas — Vogue Vignette is ready to make the trip and give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience!

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Vignette


A Unique Wedding Day Experience

Aside from a memorable keepsake, your guests will have an experience at your wedding unlike any other. Perfect for cocktail hour, guests can strike a pose, watch their portrait come to life and enjoy a mini reveal. Vogue Vignette’s artists are sure to delight people of all ages!

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Vignette


If you want to add a little more style to your wedding, be sure to look into Vogue Vignette. Learn more about the company and their services on their vendor profile!

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