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Lindsay + Matt

Photos// Jason Smelser

Lindsay + Matt

Helicopter Proposal

Matt and I knew early on after we started dating December 2018/January 2019 that we were each other’s person (he claims he knew I’d be his wife after the 2nd date), but we wanted to experience all of the seasons of dating and not rush in to the next phase too soon. For me, when that year rolled around, I knew that we were more than ready, and we were both so excited to commit our lives to one another. And then COVID happened. Little did I know, logistically, that made Matt’s proposal plans a lot tougher. But the day finally came, and one Wednesday in May 2020, Matt told me he wanted to take me on a surprise date since we hadn’t been out in a month or so due to quarantine and lock downs. I thought it was a sweet gesture, but didn’t think much of it. Even when he pulled out the blind fold and had me put it on in the car. I thought, wow, he’s really trying to make this fun, but never did the thought that it was FINALLY happening cross my mind. I even attempted to try and guess where we were headed by trying to blindly navigate the roads.

When we got to our destination he got me out of the car and walked me up an inclining surface (what I later found out to be the top of a parking garage). Matt pulled off the blindfold and immediately, I knew, and I started bawling, attacked him and kissed him, all not hardly even noticing the helicopter behind him. When I finally got myself together, he got down on a knee and was so calm and put together. He told me he was confident that I was his soulmate and that I completed him, followed by “Will you marry me?” opening that little box. I was ecstatic and emotional and overwhelmed and filled with such joy. Afterward, we popped some champagne, the photographer he hired snapped some more photos and we got suited up to take a helicopter ride around Houston. When we landed back on solid ground, I still felt like I was floating. We journeyed back to our place to have dinner and call our family and friends and let them know the amazing news, but the surprises weren’t over. Matt walked me out to our backyard that he had decorated with a blanket, rose petals, a marquis “Marry Me” sign and wine. From there, we shared the news with our family and friends! Just writing this out and reliving this special day made me so giddy. Matt is the most thoughtful and selfless man, and I can’t wait for him to be my husband!