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Vinitha + Uzo

Photos// SweetNest Photography

Vinitha + Uzo

All Maps Lead to Love

Uzo and I had been dating since February of 2019, and we had known for a while we were ready for the next step! His parents don’t live very close, and I hadn’t had the opportunity of meeting them in person yet. I told him not to propose to me until I did…and, of course, the pandemic hit. We waited patiently for a while, and I was finally able to meet them in person (safely of course) in July 2020. After that, I lost all patience and thought he would be ready to propose immediately. But he is so kind and sweet and so thoughtful. He took time to plan something special for us.

The weekend of September 12th, he surprised me with a trip to Fredericksburg. He had made plans at a few wineries on that Saturday. At one winery, I walked in and flowers and a map were waiting for me – a map with coordinates of where we first met. At another winery, another map of where we are getting married (we had that figured out already!), and at the last stop, he had a beautiful set up on a dock by a lake with one last map of that spot. He got down on one knee and proposed. Of course I said YES!

He had a photographer come take some pictures, and while we were walking around the lake, he said, “Hey I think you know them!” I looked up and saw that several of my closest friends and family were there to celebrate with us! That was a complete surprise to me! We all went back to the AirBnB and celebrated with a nice dinner.

I reflect often on these almost two years together and the process it took to get to where we are. I’m so thankful for the way our friends and family have constantly encouraged and loved us, and ultimately God who allowed us to meet and brought us together. I’m grateful for Uzo and can’t wait to call him my husband and start our lives together!