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Proposed in a coffee shop

So backstory. There were several attempted plans for my proposal that I kept unknowingly screwing up. At first he was supposed to propose on a trip to Chicago, but I had to cancel the trip due to work. Then he tried to create a fake “dinner on a cruise” date night with my best friend and her husband, but I also cancelled that because I needed to study. Finally, he got my best friend to convince me to go out to dinner with her for some quality time. Mind you, I had an idea that I was getting engaged soon, but I thought it would be during a trip to New Orleans that upcoming weekend. I had my outfits ready, nail appointment ready! I was NOT prepared on the day I actually got engaged. I usually keep a bottle of top coat for my nails near my nightstand, and I remember that morning I couldn’t find it anywhere! Anyway, to continue my oblivious nature, I got to the dinner spot before my best friend and started talking on the phone with my aunt for half an hour and kept asking my best friend to give me five more minutes on the phone. Meanwhile, she and my fiancé were frantically texting because he was wondering what was taking me so long to get to the proposal spot. Let me also insert, that it was one of those days in Houston where it rains and then floods, and my fiancé had gotten a photographer, so he was trying to get this done before the downpour arrived! I finally get off the phone with my aunt (who was actually asking me when I thought I would be getting engaged haha), and my best friend snatches me into her car. She takes one look at me and was like, “thank God you didn’t change into your sweatpants” (I’m known for wearing sweats as much as possible). She had brought me a backup dress just in case, and she brought me nail polish remover because my nails were clearly unprepared for a proposal. At that point, I knew what was coming. So we get to downtown Houston (finally), and she asks me to point out where my first date with Alan was: The Conservatory. I walk inside and she tells me to go to whichever stand I ordered my meal from (pizza). Alan had paid the pizza guy to give me a clue to lead me to the second place we went after lunch, now known as Boomtown Coffee. I get to the coffee shop, not expecting to see Alan there because we had gone to the park after coffee so I was expecting the proposal to be there! Unfortunately the rain/my lack of awareness that I was getting engaged, ruined the ability to do the proposal in the park, so when I walked in and saw him in the coffee shop, I immediately started bawling. I honestly can’t even tell you the words he said because I was just sobbing because I was finally going to marry my best friend, and I couldn’t believe he pulled off a surprise because I’m so nosy. It was lovely, and the coffee shop gave us free champagne, and it eventually cleared up outside so we were able to take photos with our photographer. Oh and that top coat I was missing? Alan, hid it in my car because he thought it was the black nail polish I was wearing (the bottle is black) and was hoping that I could touch up my nails before the proposal – haha.