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Picking the Perfect Wedding Date for Your Texas Wedding with On Cloud9 Events


When considering a wedding date, factors like proximity to holidays, the good ‘old Texas heat, and hurricane season, given the location of your wedding venue to the Gulf Coast, play a significant role. With On Cloud9 Events, Lisa Kettler-Belletto is here to save the day and teach us all about choosing the perfect wedding date. Lisa shares their team’s wedding planning services to make dreams come true! We’re talking all about the ideal time for couples to book a wedding planner in their planning process and creating the best timeline based on the season and day of your wedding date. You don’t want to miss all On Cloud9 Events expert advice below. Keep reading!


What wedding planning services do you offer?

At On Cloud9, we offer everything from consulting to planning to complete execution or coordination of the wedding day.  In addition to our personal services we have a full line of linens, décor, signage and more to style the entire reception.

Wedding Day Management

• Day-of coordinator from start to finish, 12-16 hours
• Coordinator assistant for 4-6 hours on day-of
• Open communication plus three additional meetings
• Venue visit to review all rules and expectations according to venue manager
• Reach out to all vendors to confirm contracted time frame, requirements and balance due
• Detailed timeline and venue floor plan

Month of Planner – 6 Weeks

• Wedding day management
• Attendance to final meeting with all vendors
• Confirm contracted time frame, requirements, balance due and work on any open items with each vendor
• Coordinate all final payments between client and vendors • One walk through at ceremony and reception venue
• Attend rehearsal dinner and relay last duties

Partial Year Planner – 6 Months

• Month of planner coordinator
• Attendance to all meetings with vendors that fall in the last six months
• Contract reviews
• Assistance on vendor choices and research

Complete Planner

• Partial year of coordinator
• Budget tracking
• Timeline for planning period

Let’s Talk Picking a Date

What seasonal considerations do you take into account based on the wedding date?

We consider the proximity to holidays, the good ‘ole Texas heat and hurricane season given the location of the wedding venue and the Gulf Coast.

What additional needs are there for planning weddings outside of a standard full-day Saturday wedding?

We give full consideration to the timeline when planning a Sunday or weekday wedding. Most importantly, we take work schedules, travel challenges and the like into account when scheduling the ceremony time. We also look at the impact on attendance if it is a normal work day or a holiday week in our guest count.

When is the ideal time for a couple book a wedding planner in the process?

The earlier we can be involved the better. We would love to be involved with the venue selection, but that is rare for us. We work at so many different venues and have valuable insight that may help to know ahead of time, prior to committing to a venue.

With a day-of coordination package, do you offer any support prior to the wedding day?

Once a client books with On Cloud9 Events, we are available to them for any type of communication – phone, email, text or in-person meetings. We are available to them for any questions they may have.

Approximately how many hours will go into planning a wedding?

Countless hours. Speaking for myself, being involved is a passion and a labor of love. We are blessed to be involved in one of the most intimate times of someone’s life. We get to see the love between two people as we assist them in navigating the planning and design process. We help them to achieve exactly what they are looking for on their wedding day. The hours are greatly impacted by how early in the process we are chosen to be their planner. If we get the privilege to start 6-9 or even 12 months ahead, the hours are much greater than someone deciding a few months prior to the wedding that they need assistance as it has just become too overwhelming.

What events beyond the wedding day do you help plan for the couple?

We assist with rehearsal dinners and wedding or baby showers.


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