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Working with Vendors to Create a Magical Day with Moonstruck Events


It takes an entire team to create and execute a wedding! Communication is always key in every aspect of life, especially wedding planning. The ability to communicate ideas, tasks, budgets, and timelines is not an easy task. Don’t worry! Moonstruck Events is here to discuss their services and how they communicate with vendors to create a stress-free wedding day. No one wants to feel stressed about coordinating wedding vendors on their big day. That is why we highly recommend getting a planner! A planner ensures all vendors involved execute, stay on schedule, and deliver all that has been asked of them. Keep reading to find a planning package that fits you, and read how Moonstruck Events works with every vendor to create the wedding of your dreams!

What wedding planning services do you offer?

We offer three different types of planning packages: event management, partial planning and full planning.

     Event Management

For this package, the couple usually does the majority of the work, and we help with the final touches and tie up the loose ends before the wedding, starting two months out. This package includes two consultation calls, an on-site final meeting 3-5 weeks before the wedding, a detailed timeline, and confirmation with vendors prior to the wedding. Wedding day services include complete management of the timing and flow of the ceremony and reception, service as a liaison between wedding party, family and vendors, oversight of vendor setup, setup of personal décor, orchestration of events throughout the wedding, and assurance that the timeline is executed throughout the day.

     Partial Planning

This is our most popular package! This package is for the couples who know what they want, but don’t really know how to execute what they want – that’s when we jump in and help. The partial planning service includes five client/planner meetings, assistance sourcing four vendor categories, attendance of five vendor meetings, review of budget, assistance in event design, theme and décor, and tracking of all RSVPs, along with everything included in our event management package.

     Full-Service Wedding Planning

We take the whole cake and help with the entire process! The full planning services include unlimited client/planner meetings, guided assistance through our planning portal, vendor communication, help in scheduling meetings, tastings and consultations, full event design and concept development, construction of the budget, invitation assembly and mailing, and tracking of all RSVPs along with our wedding day services.

Let’s Talk Working with Other Vendors…

What does communication look like between the planner and other vendors?

When it comes to communicating with couples and vendors, we make sure that we are easy to reach and respond in a timely manner. We understand that for some people, it can be stressful having to communicate and respond to so many people during the wedding planning season. Our goal is to make sure the process of communicating with vendors is stress-free and everyone is happy at the end of a meeting.

What is your problem solving technique, especially when it comes to working with other vendors?

Our top priorities are making sure the couple’s requests are met and making sure the process is as stress free for them as possible. Everyone knows that planning a wedding can come with its own set of problems and hiccups at times. It is important to us at Moonstruck Events to put out little fires efficiently and ensure seamless communication between vendors and the couple.

How much access will a couple have to you throughout the planning period?

We try to be super accessible to our clients. If you need us, we are just a text, email or phone call away! The planning can be stressful and questions can arise at any time, but we want our couples to know that they can get a hold of us and we will get back to them in a timely manner. We want the season of your engagement to be an amazing one, so we help in any way we can.

What vendor meetings do you attend with the couple?

The vendor meetings we attend with a couple depend on what package they choose. For the partial planning package, we attend five different vendor meetings of the couple’s choice. The full planning package has much more room for vendor meetings. We help with assisting and scheduling meetings with vendors. Upon the couple’s request, we can go to any vendor meetings that they need assistance with.

After booking with you, what should a couple expect?

Once you have booked with us, the first thing a couple should expect is our welcome guide with direction to our client portal. We will then set up our first meeting to chat more about the details of the day, go through the portal together and help relieve some of the pain points. After that, we will be ready to get the planning party started! No matter what package you choose, be prepared to have so much fun!


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